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  • Siba Al Shouli

STEM Buddies is ‘Teacher Approved’ by Google Play

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

There are thousands of educational apps for kids. As great as it sounds, it makes it hard for parents to choose the right ones for their children. Moreover, not all educational apps are truly educational, which is also why it is very important for parents to choose well and know what to look for when reviewing educational apps

Apparently, Google Play have been listening to parents and their struggles to find high quality-educational apps. They’ve decided to step in and help out. In 2020 Google Play announced that they will roll out a Teacher Approved program to review educational apps and only award a teacher approved badge to the ones that are educational according to a strict standard. The apps eligible for the teacher approved badge must first comply with Google Play Families policies before they are rated for the program. Teacher approved apps are considered safe for children and have educational content. Teachers and child-development specialists evaluate the apps using criteria that includes age-appropriateness, quality of experience, enrichment, entertainment, and other security and data requirements. If the app is approved, it is shown on the Kids Tab in the Google Play store and is awarded the teacher approved badge. Google Play also includes information in the app listing to explain to parents why the app was rated highly.

The STEM Buddies app has proudly been awarded the teacher approved badge! A panel that involves 200 teachers evaluated the app and approved it for safety and high-quality content among other features. Google Play has collaborated with teachers and experts from Harvard Graduate School of Education like Joseph Blatt and child development psychologist Dr. Sandra Calvert from Georgetown University to create the rating framework. The STEM Buddies will now appear in the Kids Tab in the Play store in the US and internationally.

Feedback from teachers and specialists

Here's what teachers and specialists who evaluated the app said about the STEM Buddies. This information will appear on the app's details page on Google Play.

The STEM Buddies app is not only teacher approved by Google Play but also certified for education quality by Education Alliance Finland (EAF). It is designed by educational expert and aligned with IB standards for the target age group. It is user friendly, safe, interactive and fun. It is designed to spark children’s interest in STEM and develop their 21st century skills which are very important to succeed in today’s modern world.

Check out the STEM Buddies app today. If you are a parent who wishes to look for more teacher approved apps, just go to the “Kids Tab” and look under the “teacher approved” category. If you are a developer or have an app that you want for it to receive the teacher approved badge, check Google Play to see how to make teacher approved apps or check the Google Play Academy website for more information.

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